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I’m Emma, the main (wo)man behind the blog. I lost 15lbs using Noom in 2020 and plan to lose 40 more in 2021. If you want to know more about Noom, you’re in the right place.

This is my personal blog about Noom, which is the eating plan that truly changed my life. I don’t compare other eating plans, but I have tried them all and found Noom to be the most flexible and suited to my life. This is why.

8 Amazing Foods to Boost Your Immune System

How to Boost Your Immune System with these Foods

Regardless of the season, it’s always important to strengthen your immune system in a natural way. This means eating wholesome and nutrient-dense foods that ward off diseases by boosting your immunity. Scroll down to learn what to put into your cart the next time you go grocery shopping that will help boost your immune system.

8 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy When Working from Home

Staying fit and healthy while working from home

Most people believe it’s easier to stay fit and healthy when working from home. After all, you have a free access to the kitchen and you can avoid all those sugary office snacks.

But the problem is, people working from home tend to be less healthy and more prone to obesity. They’re overloaded with work and often feel too tired to take care of their health or body shape.

When life and work are happening in the same space – your house – creating a healthy and happy work-life balance is highly challenging. Here are some really useful tips to help you out.

1. Master the art of scheduling

The Power of Good Health and Wellness

Good health and wellness are key to a happy life

Have you ever thought about how some people manage to reach tons of goals, maintain long-term relationships, and enjoy their lives at the same time? How about those who stay healthy till their 90s? The modern society is considered one of the unhealthiest generations ever and mostly due to the wrong lifestyles and poor environment. Luckily, you can still be healthy, successful, and happy in this hectic world. You just have to make a choice and embrace the power of good health and wellness.

Positivity and heart health

The Importance and Benefits of Daily Exercise

The great benefits of daily exercise

You’ve heard it multiple times that exercise is vital to your well-being. Why do you skip it then? The most popular excuse is a lack of time. The benefits of daily exercise are too important to overlook.

However, you don’t have to knock yourself out for hours at the nearest to enjoy a host of health benefits of exercising daily. With proper planning, you can easily add some exercises to your daily schedule without taking too much time to accomplish and breaking lots of a sweat. Read on to explore the importance and benefits of daily exercise.

1. Boost your energy levels

Building a Home Gym – Ditch the Inconvenient Memberships

What you need for building a home gym

Lots of people want to workout but it is hard to get to a gym, and it can be expensive. Working out at home is a great alternative with great time and money benefits. I should be clear about the money part, depending on what you want to do, building a home gym setup can be expensive but there are still benefits to buying the equipment vs a gym membership.

What are some pros and cons of building a home gym?