7 Simple Methods to be Healthy in College

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How to Stay Healthy in College

It’s hard to stay healthy in college, isn’t it? College years are full of parties, lazy weekends, fast foods, stress, and sleepless nights. No wonder why many college students have to restore their bodies after graduation. You can change this situation by adopting the following simple habits. You’ll graduate with a myriad of knowledge and incredibly great well-being.

1. Create a routine

Entrepreneurs aren’t the only ones who create a routine and plan their days, weeks, or months. As a college student, you need to have your own routine as well. It will increase your motivation and efficiency as well as enhance your self-discipline. Your routine should incorporate healthy sleep, eating, and other health habits.

2. Reduce your coffee and tea consumption

Students rely on coffee in the morning. But unfortunately, a cup of coffee won’t motivate you or make you stay productive during the day. Plus, coffee has many side effects. Hydrate your body with filtered water, instead. If you’re a black tea drinker, start drinking green tea. You’ll notice the difference.

3. Manage your time wisely

Students don’t even think about time management, yet it’s a wonderful habit to adopt today that will help you in the future. With various clubs, night parties, library trips, and social media, it’s so easy to lose a track of the time and end up stressing your body. Learn to say no to the parties you don’t want to visit and get enough sleep before that hard exam.

4. Sleep and nap

College students are sleep deprived and a lack of sleep negatively affects the body. Try to get at least 6 hours of sleep per night and take a few short naps throughout the day. This habit will make your heart healthy and boost your energy levels. Lack of sleep lowers focus and concentration and cut your learning abilities in half, so catch your zzzs whenever you can.

5. Workout

As banal as it sounds, you need exercise to stay healthy in college. Aim to work out 2 to 3 times per week and don’t forget about morning stretches. Exercise helps to increase your energy levels, lower the risk factor for many illnesses and disorders. Some colleges offer free classes of kickboxing, dance, cycling, pilates, or other fitness-oriented classes. Take advantage of it.

6. Cook your own meals

If you want to stay healthy in college, you need to learn how to cook your own wholesome meals rather than munch on the next burger or pizza from the supermarket or fast food restaurant. Include more fruit, veggies, and nuts into your weekly meal plan. There are tons of college-friendly healthy recipes online that will help you eat your way to a healthier you.

7. Pack your snacks

Save money and improve your health by packing your own snacks. You won’t be tempted to grab the first sugary stuff from the snack machine or convenience store. It’s okay to have it one in a while, but it’s best to carry your own snack that will contribute to your well-being, not slowly destroy it.

7 Simple Methods to be Healthy in College Final Thoughts

It’s important to stay healthy during your college years so that you hit your 30s without any serious health issues. College can be one of the most unhealthy times in your life. Filled with partying, poor diets, lack of sleep, and other unhealthy life choices. It doesn’t have to be though. It is surprisingly easy to implement methods to stay healthy while in college, you just need to take some time and make a few lifestyle changes.

Stay healthy in college