How to Stay Fit and Active While Pregnant

Working Out While Pregnant: Is It Possible?

Most fitness experts claim that pregnancy isn’t a reason to give up on exercise. Pregnancy brings a lot of changes in the body, and in most cases, it leads to unwanted weight gain. No wonder so many moms-to-be are wondering about the ways to stay fit without damaging a fetus. Working out during pregnancy is possible and here are a few tips for each trimester. It is important to workout while pregnant, here is an outline of what to do.

First Trimester

Most women wrongly believe that it’s best to skip workouts during the first trimester as there’s a higher risk of damaging the fetus. In reality, you can work out the way you did it before you learned about a bun in the oven. Just don’t overdo it. Lower the intensity and listen to your body. Also, avoid training for serious sports competitions like a marathon. You might also want to reduce your workout time, especially if your pregnancy has certain complications.

Heavy lifting, some mild yoga asanas, and light cardio are recommended for pregnant women in their first trimester. However, it might be hard to find the motivation to work out during this period as you’re more likely to experience morning sickness and fatigue. Don’t blame yourself for skipping exercise at that moment. If you’re just tired, force yourself to perform easy exercises for at least 10-15 minutes.

Second Trimester

During the second trimester, pregnant women start feeling an enormous flow of energy along with emotions. Working out helps pregnant women to use and spend their energy correctly. Instead of doing some random exercises, consult a professional to help you.

When working out during the second trimester, it’s vital to concentrate on your core and lower back. These are the parts of the body that probably suffer a lot. After all, the strain on those parts becomes greater as your fetus grow. As the second trimester comes to an end, you need to focus on minimizing twists, crunches, and on-the-back positions, which might place pressure on the main vein that plays an active role in returning the blood to your heart. During the second trimester, avoid lifting weights – especially overhead. Otherwise, it can lead to chronic back pain.

Third Trimester

Now that you’re thinking of and dwelling on your delivery, exercise is probably the last thing you want to think about. But still, it’s crucial to stay active. Some mild to a bit moderate exercises will keep your baby safe while aiding in weight loss process. Stay active with the help of jogging, power walks, and yoga. Your goal must be to keep your unborn child happy. You can keep working out after delivery, but don’t do it during the third trimester. Avoid the heavy lifting and incorporate more strength and cardio training. Just limit your workout time to 20 minutes or less, depending on how big your belly is.

How to Stay Fit and Active While Pregnant Final Thoughts

Working out while pregnant is good for your health and your baby’s health. But don’t overdo it. You might unexpectedly start putting on weight, but don’t exhaust yourself. Let your body adjust and your baby will be born super active and with love to fitness.

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